Religious and Social Education


Our knowledge-rich curriculum will inspire students to become theologians and philosophers who can make critical and balanced judgements about questions of meaning and purpose through developing religious literacy in terms of vocabulary and conceptual understanding. Our teaching and learning will ensure students acquire an in-depth understanding of the core vocabulary and theological beliefs of the Abrahamic religions and understand how these beliefs influence religious believers in their daily practice. They will be taught how to explore faiths, secular views, respond to philosophical issues and make ethical decisions, providing them with the theological, philosophical and ethical knowledge to apply their learning to contemporary issues within modern society.. 


Our drop down days will ensure all students develop their ability to explain and analyse religious beliefs and thematic studies using an understanding of concepts, demonstrated in their responses to end of year tests, assessments, classroom-based tasks and independent learning tasks. Our drop down days will help create mature, inquisitive well-rounded individuals, who will make a positive contribution to society by demonstrating understanding and respect to those around them, whilst having empathy for their beliefs.