Thoughtful Teachers

Dear Mr Lear,

It was a delight to receive your email and I do apologise for the delay in replying to you. Firstly I want to thank you for taking the time to send us a personal email commending [my daughter]. It was so thoughtful of you and my wife and I are truly grateful.

For me personally there are times when [my daughter] tells me about her day and I am too wrapped up in my work to fully focus on what she is saying. I remember her telling me excitedly about making the trinket box and finishing first as well as showing me a picture and I must admit I was half paying attention at the time. Receiving your email has really brought things back to my mind and reminded me to take time out to appreciate [my daughter] for her talent and her behaviour. As parents as welll as Jehovah's Wintnesses we have expressed to [my daughter] how very proud we are and look forward to seeing her continual progress.

Thank you again for contacting us and we believe this is such a valuable thing for you to do on behalf of your students.

Warmest regards,

Year 9 Parent


warm, inclusive nature and encouragement at Grove Academy 

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for playing an integral role in the development  of [my daughter] over the past three years. In particular, the warm, inclusive nature and encouragement in Grove Academy has provided an environment where she has greatly enjoyed learning.  

Your interest in her extracurricular activities through the electives you have run and in supporting her faith related activities has helped her become a more rounded individual.  

I hope that with the foundation you have provided her she will continue to develop in a manner such that we will all be proud of and that she contributes positively for the betterment of our nation and humanity overall.  

We wish you and the staff at Grove Academy all the success possible for many more years to come. 

Year 9 Parent


Superb behaviour, impeccable Conduct & positive attitude

I just wanted to take a moment to send my gratitude and acknowledge the superb behaviour and attitude to your Year 11 Football team following a Quarter Final Cup fixture played at Upton Court Grammar School yesterday. 

The team conducted themselves impeccably and demonstrated a positive attitude, even when going behind in the game. They were a credit to your school. It was a closely fought competitive game and a pleasure to be involved with.

Couldn't be happier

I couldn’t be more happier, knowing the leaders of the school are taking our feedback and the OFSTED report very seriously. The fact that we get weekly updates on safeguarding tells me a lot communication is the key and that the school is going in the right direction. I want to thank Miss Wismayer, I can imagine it hasn’t been easy dealing with all this but it shows me that she is determined to lead  the school into excellent school, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and this is the journey for all of us as parents and the school is our community.

Ms S Ahmed


Confident that children are safe at Grove

After receiving the safeguarding update from yourselves, I found I was pleasantly surprised at just how much work goes on "behind the scenes".

After seeing the Ofsted report earlier in the year, I requested a meeting with the principal & discussed my reservations as to the safeguarding within the school. It was a productive & informative conversation & I was encouraged by how seriously she took my concerns.

Over the last few months, I have clearly seen how hard all the staff have been working - from the office staff, all the way through to the Principal. The teachers seem more invested in growing the school from the ground up & it is wondrous to see their enthusiasm when interacting with the children & parents alike.

As a parent of 2 children that attend both the primary and the secondary, I feel confident that they are safe whilst at Grove Academy. I welcome any updates from the school which inform me of exactly what the school is doing to make it a better & safer space for my children to thrive.

Finally, I would just like to say a big thank you to ALL staff for their continuing dedication to improving the school for the children & understanding that by involving the parents & the community, it will only flourish.

Regards, Mrs Cassie.


Amazing Conduct

Thank you for all your efforts in organising 3 teams to come over to Westgate School for football fixtures... The code of conduct of the Grove students involved was amazing towards our boys, staff members and 6th form referee. Despite the results it was good to see the students never gave up. We look forward to playing you in the future in the league/cup competitions...

Mr Chaggar, Westgate School



This school has consistently, throughout the four years of my children's education at Grove Academy  used a child centered approach.  This has been refreshing, particularly as parents we often are dismissed when our children with additional needs are facing difficulties in mainstream education.

Both my children have passed their GCSE's without external tutoring as have most of the first batch of GCSE students. That's impressive in itself. 

I just want to whole heartedly thank all the staff from the reception team, SENCO, quality teachers, TA's to the Head Principal for the excellent pastoral care they provide and they should be proud of their commitment to give all children a quality education.   

From M Ahmed