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Grove Academy was recognised as being early in establishing itself in its new premises following the interruptions to education from COVID 19. We have been able to operate on our new site as a whole school without COVID 19 restrictions for a term and a half, where much school development work has taken place.

 We have a lot of positives to build on and we continue to develop and grow our practice.

In the recent inspection, the school was judged at this point to be inadequate although the inspectors clearly recognised the strengths of our school. Not all the observations made by the Ofsted inspection team can be recorded in the report, but some of the key points to note include:

  • Children make a really strong start at Grove Academy in Reception.  Staff are ambitious for the children and establish strong routines where learning is embedded.
  • The Early Years Foundation Stage team have reaped rewards from engaging with the new framework as early adopters and as a result the curriculum meets childrens’ needs well.
  • At primary, there is a purposeful atmosphere throughout.
  • There is a clear love of reading, which is particularly evident at primary.
  • The all-through curriculum is in the process of being developed, with particular strengths in science and maths.
  • In science, the curriculum is closely matched to the national curriculum. Lessons are fun and give students the opportunity to think and explore, particularly at primary, where subject specific vocabulary is grown through topic areas.
  • Students articulated a love for art, science and maths.
  • Children with Special Educational Needs are identified quickly and appropriate support is put in place. As noted in the report ‘Needs are identified carefully, with applications for education, health and care plans made to secure additional support for pupils who have more complex requirements.’
  • There is a bespoke PSHE offer which is becoming embedded and adjusted in line with student voice in the wider curriculum.
  • Student leadership is displayed through student parliament and enrichment activities. A variety of clubs take place regularly.
  • Middle leaders are passionate and are nurtured by senior leaders. Staff are clear and resolute about their commitment to the school’s aims.

Staff and governors at Grove Academy remain dedicated to supporting students to be ready for learning, respectful to their community and to keep themselves safe. Many areas raised in the report are already a key focus for improvement, as noted by the senior team in discussions with the Ofsted team and work is already well underway to addressing concerns.

During the inspection, your children were fantastic ambassadors for the school. They truly are incredible young people and we are really proud of them. We continue to welcome feedback from our community and want to work in collaboration with our parents and carers to ensure standards are high and that all students receive a good education.

Finally, I would like to thank the staff team for their commitment to providing the best education for the children of Grove Academy through these extraordinary times. I am extremely proud to be leading a team of such passionate and caring staff, who go the extra mile every day and will continue to do so until we fully achieve our aims.

We hope that you feel reassured by the positive aspects highlighted above, the actions the leadership team have already taken and our plans to address the areas that need to improve. If you have questions related to the inspection report or would like to give us your feedback relating to the report, please feel free to contact us at office@groveacademy.co.uk

Finally, we would like to thank you for your ongoing support.

Yours sincerely,

Natalie Wismayer


Areas for improvement:

Curriculum development

Work is underway to continue to develop the ‘all-through curriculum’. Senior leaders have planned visits through the Confederation of Schools Trust All Through Schools Network to capitalise on best practice and integrate this into our developing Grove curriculum.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Whilst SEND needs are identified quickly and time is taken to get to know the needs of students with SEND, our next step is to make sure that all staff are able to adapt their teaching and have the skills and knowledge necessary to meet the needs of each and every student.

Personal Development

Staff will work to fully implement the personal development curriculum that has been designed, seeking the feedback of students and monitoring and supporting provision to ensure high quality consistency.  Leaders will work to ensure that staff have the expertise they need to support students with their understanding of life in modern Britain.


Recruitment is already underway to expand the safeguarding team to build capacity and develop the structure of the team to meet the needs of our school community. Regular external reviews, shared with governors and trustees, will ensure that safeguarding consistently meets our expectations and keeps all children safe at school.


We recognise that the impact of unplanned absence of key leadership in this area has resulted in behaviour not being of the standard that we expect and this had already been identified by senior leaders and governors. Governors and trustees have committed to create capacity; expanding the pastoral team and collaborating with partner schools to address the identified concerns. Behaviour assemblies and clear messaging to our student body is in place to reinforce our expectation of standards. We are keen to collaborate with our parents, requesting that they work closely with us to make expectations clear. The school will review the behaviour system in place, including sanctions, as appropriate. We are also pleased to welcome Mr Burrows, who will join the senior leadership team as a consultant for this term. Mr Burrows has extensive experience in local Slough schools and shares the Grove vision.

Mr Shepherd will also be shortly joining the senior team as Assistant Principal and will work closely with the existing team to raise standards.

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