Health & Wellbeing

For welfare related queries, call the school office or submit an email addressed for the attention of the welfare officer to

For information on how we support students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), see here.

Welfare & First Aid

The general welfare of students is overseen by our welfare officer Mrs Bhambra.

Children with specific health issues or ongoing medical needs require an Individual Health Care Plan (IHCP). Individual Health Care Plans are developed in partnership between the school, parents, pupils, and the relevant healthcare professional who can advise on a child's case. The aim is to ensure that we know how to support your child effectively and to provide clarity about what needs to be done, when and by whom. For support and queries relating to IHCP's, contact the Welfare Officer.

First Aid. We have over 40 qualified first aiders amongst our teaching and support staff throughout the school. Students can report to any available first aider for assistance.

Children who have a high temperature of 37.5 or above should not be sent to school. They will be sent home if they report to the welfare room with a high temperature. 

If your child is unable to attend school due to sickness or injury, you must report to the attendance officer each morning with an update.

In the event of gastrointestinal issues, do not send your child to school if they have vomited. Keep your child at home for 48 hours after they stop vomiting.

Do not send children to school on crutches without prior notice. Children who have sustained injuries that require the use of walking aids should not be sent to school until the welfare and attendance officers have been informed. We will conduct a risk assessment and liaise with staff to make arrangement to facilitate the return to school. 

Children suffering from Asthma should carry or have access to their own personal asthma inhaler at all times. Parents/Carers must provide a spare asthma inhaler to be kept in the medical room in case the child loses their inhaler or the inhaler runs out. Both inhalers must be clearly labelled with the childs' name. 

Children who have been diagnosed with allergies for which they require an Epi-pen, must carry an Epi-pen with them at all times or have access to one in their class room. Please also provide a spare Epi-pen, in a container clearly marked with your childs' name, to be kept in the medical room. 

Mental Health

Children mental health welfare is just as crucial as their physical health and well-being. Mental health can be challenging for adults to understand and children face greater challenges in understanding what constitutes mental health issues, the impact it can have and how to deal with it.

Mental health challenges impact all areas of life including academic performance and progress. Good mental health support and practices are imperative to child development enabling positive social engagement, thinking and communication as well as positive emotional and behavioural regulation. Children who are mentally healthy and resilient function well at home school and other settings and are more likely to have positive experiences and quality of life. Mental health awareness and intervention during childhood supports sound mental health and well-being in later life.

Grove Academy partners with Kooth for mental health provision for all students. For access to resources for mental health and well being visit Kooth.

The Schools Mental Health Lead is Beth Bullen. For more information or to report a concern email or

Healthy Eating

At Grove Academy, we aim to nurture all aspects of child development and encourage healthy eating and lifestyle. This is supported through curriculum topics such as PE and Food Technology where we educate on nutrition and activity and empower children to make healthy choices.

We serve a range of carefully selected and nutritious hot and cold meals at The Bistro along with a range of healthy snacks. Children are encouranged to make healthy choices for packed lunches. 

See here  for more information about our offerings at The Bistro.