School Meals

Grove Academy provides a range of nutritious and carefully selected school meals served at The Bistro. We provide a daily selection of sandwiches, wraps and salads as well as warm main meals in addition to a selection of snacks and drinks including milkshakes. Students can enjoy a choice of hot and cold lunches in a state-of-the-art servery and kitchen area during lunchtime and hot and cold snacks from the Grab & Go window.  

We accommodate gluten free, dairy free, nut free, seafood free and seed free diets and are able to cater for students with an Individual Health Care Plan. Parents must inform the school Welfare Officer of allergies or medical dietary requirements and provide medication for their child. All children should be able to identify their allergens and safe foods. Secondary students should always carry their medication with them. Whilst every care is taken to avoid nut allergens and contamination, we are not a nut free school as we cannot guarantee that nuts or products containing nuts will not be brought into school via packed lunches or other means. 

Packed Lunches 

Children also have the option to bring a packed lunch to school. Whether parents select the school meals or packed lunch option, this must continue for the whole half term. Chosen lunch options cannot be changed midway through the term.  

Parents must provide children with a healthy and nutritious packed lunch and drink. We do not allow sweets or fizzy drinks and advise parents not to include nuts or products including nut ingredients in packed lunches.  

Paying for school meals

School meals are paid for via Parent Pay. We recommend that parents top-up a minimum of £25 per week, allowing for an allowance of £5 per day for one child which will cover the cost of a full meal and snacks each day.  

Arrangements for Primary Lunches 

Meals for Primary students cost £2.50 per day, per child, to be paid for in advance via Parent Pay, for children in Year 3 and above. Children have a choice of meat or vegetarian meal options followed by fruit or pudding. 

Primary children attend The Bistro for lunch, one year group at a time, between 11:30 to 12:30. Students with packed lunches eat in the main hall to minimise cross contamination of allergens. 

Arrangements for Secondary Lunches 

Secondary students have break times at 11:00 and 12:00 during which they can have either their main meal or a snack. A main meal and dessert for secondary students cost £2.80 per day per child, not including the cost of snacks.  

Secondary students must present their own ID cards to pay for meals. Meals cannot be purchased using another student's ID card. 

Free School Meals Allowance 

Grove Academy continues to provide Universal Free School Meals for all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Free lunches are also available to low income families on the Free School Meals Register.  

Students entitled to free school meals also have a daily allowance of £2.80. This can only to be redeemed in The Bistro for a full meal and not for snacks from the Grab & Go. Snacks cannot be purchased from the free school meal allowance. If children would like snacks during the day, we suggest parents to top-up £10 per week via Parent Pay to allow for £2 allowance per day for snacks. 

See here for more information on Free School Meals and to find out if you qualify. 

Please find below our Breakfast Club offer, a sample G5 lunch menu and allergen information.

Grove-Primary-Menu-Feb-24-July-24.pdfGrove-Week-1-Feb-24-July-24.pdfGrove-Week-2-Feb-24-July-24.pdfGrove-Week-3-Feb-24-July-24.pdfAllergen ChartOutdoor servery pricelist

A new system using an app ‘Vericool - SwiftOrder’ will be introduced. Further details can found in the video link here!Au22G2prcYQZgo92iapoCmTqDlqxmw?e=SjKWDi).