School Uniform

We take pride in seeing all our students in uniform that reflects their experiences as 'Active Learners' and hold all students to high uniform standards. 

Primary and secondary uniforms are available from our suppliers listed below. 

All items of uniforms must be clearly labelled with the childs' name.

Hats and Scarves

Hats must be plain black and woollen and can only be worn in winter months. Hats are not to be worn in the building. Baseball caps are not allowed. Scarves must be plain black with no additional embellishments. 

Hair and Headscarves

All medium length or long hair should be tied back. Hair accessories should be small, subtle and plain without any embellishments. 

Haircuts should be grade 2 or above. Extreme colours, shapes, tram lines etc are not allowed.

Headscarves must be plain black with no embellishments and worn appropriately.

Jewellery and Tattoos

Small stud earrings up to 3mm are acceptable and only one earring in each ear but hooped earrings and other jewellery are not allowed. Students will not be allowed to enter school or lessons with facial piercings or visible tattoos. Parents are advised to ensure that their children understand the implications of this rule.

Wrist watches are allowed from Year 3 onwards. 

Jewellery that is worn as part of religious observance is permitted. 

All jewellery and wristwatches must be removed or covered during games or PE lessons. The school cannot be held responsible for loss or damage. 


Makeup must be discreet. Lipstick, eyeshadow and false eyelashes are not allowed. Any excesses will be challenged. Grove Academy reserve the right to determine what is considered appropriate.

Uniform Suppliers

Our school uniforms are available from a designated supplier.

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School Days Direct

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School Days Direct Ltd
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(01628) 665353

Further details on requirements for Primary school uniform are available to read in these documents.



Further information on requirements for secondary school uniform are detailed in this document. 


Help With School Uniform

Slough Borough Council does not provide grants specifically to cover the cost of school uniform. 

Grove academy can in some cases offer assistance with obtaining school uniform. If you require support, please submit a request to outlining your requirements.

Grove Academy accepts donated uniforms in order to support families who require assistance. If you you would like to donate any uniform items, kindly ensure they are in very good condition and properly laundered before handing them in at reception.