Curriculum Intent

Our knowledge-rich curriculum will inspire students to develop knowledge of the world around them through personal investigations into a broad range of traditional and contemporary artists, designers, craftspeople and cultures. They will develop their knowledge, understanding and skills of two and three dimensional materials through a wide range of creative, exciting and stimulating learning experiences. Our teaching and learning will ensure students are encouraged to look at artworks and the world around them, to consider why objects, artefacts and things we take for granted look the way they do; to appreciate that everything we use in life has been designed by someone with an artistic eye or artistic background. Our curriculum aims to develop skilled and confident makers who feel safe to make mistakes in order to aim higher. Our pupils feel confident to explore, practice, design and present their personal identities, ideas and messages through their creative outlet. 


Our curriculum will ensure all students achieve mastery whilst cultivating their artistic skills. They will become proficient in working safely with a wide range of equipment, including computer aided design and photography, whilst manipulating and combining various materials. They will also develop their investigative skills through critical analysis tasks and regular pieces of extended analytical writing. In addition, they will expand their experience through a range of extracurricular gallery and museums visits, as we help them mature into our future artists, designers and craftspeople of the future.