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The Physical Education programme offers the students the opportunity to develop their physical literacy, placing well-being and personal achievement at the centre of our curriculum. The curriculum for PE is facilities-driven and ensures that all students are fully engaged in practical activity. Embedded across the curriculum are objectives that develop key life skills and the academy’s values and virtues such as resilience, purpose, integrity and sensitivity.


All students experience a broad and balanced approach to PE, physical activity and school sport. They will develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities and engage in competitive sports and activities. Our students will reach their physical potential in a variety of sporting environments and as part of this, nurture sportsmanship and other key life skills in all aspects of competition. Through gaining an understanding of the importance of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle, they will go on to lead healthy, active lives. Our curriculum will widen each student’s sporting experience and enjoyment and create a passion for active recreation and sport.

The Department is committed to providing opportunities for all pupils to develop a healthy, active lifestyle.

All pupils have the opportunity to perform and refine their skills, develop their tactical knowledge, problem solving skills and plan strategies during lessons and in games and matches.

The PE Department is well resourced to develop all areas of the PE curriculum. The Department offers a wide variety of extra- curricular clubs at competitive and non- competitive levels. Each year a variety of inter-house activities take place giving all pupils the opportunity to participate in competitive sport.

Pupils have the opportunity to compete at local, county, regional and national level in a variety of sports.