Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum will inspire students to develop the creative and personal skills in a variety of disciplines whilst building and developing vital life skills such as confidence, team work, empathy, independence, appreciation, co-operation, creativity, communication, critical thinking and resilience. In our lessons, students will tackle challenging issues in a practical safe environment whilst promoting SMSC values in a fun learning environment. Indeed, Drama is often associated with play, and our students will learn to understand that this act of ‘play’ is an important element of our young people’s learning; it is playful in that it draws on and develops young people’s aptitude for learning about themselves and has significance in understanding the diversity of cultural contexts and ensuring our curriculum makes the greatest difference in the lives of our students.  


Our curriculum is designed to help fulfil the needs of the pupils, allowing them to explore issue-based drama within a safe, controlled environment. Students will have the opportunity to build and develop vital life skills such as confidence, team work, empathy, independence, appreciation, concentration, co-operation, creativity, communication, critical thinking and resilience. Students will be encouraged to make sense of their own experiences allowing them to develop their expressive and interpersonal skills. Many of the subjects and concepts studied in Drama, will help to enrich and develop the experiences of pupils, as they establish their own values, attitudes and philosophy of life. Our students can also practically explore a wide range of issues, whilst developing their confidence and increasing their self-esteem. They will be part of a wide extra-curricular program that is structured to create opportunities for pupils to observe professional work and promote their knowledge and understanding of theatre and performance as an art form.

Subject Documents Date  
Drama SOW Overview KS3 and KS4 2020 21 03rd Dec 2020 Download