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What makes a school a great place to work?

Teaching is a fantastic job! But there is no ignoring the fact that it can be very difficult. The pressures from government and Ofsted can on some days seem overwhelming and I know the feeling that takes over when you are waiting for the morning call from an inspector. Time seems to run out so fast when you have a file of planning to get through and attainment targets to reach. The barriers to learning can seem enormous but the benefits are gigantic! My job as Headteacher is to keep some of those pressures away from staff so that they can get on with the job in hand – preparing and delivering exciting learning opportunities for young people.

At Grove, I want to empower staff to deliver an exciting and creative curriculum that is relevant to the young people in the 21st century. A curriculum based in real life with real outcomes, so that pupils/students can see the purpose behind their learning. I want staff to develop the skills and character that the young people will need in the real world and to be explicit in the language for learning that they learn. I want staff to make that learning visible to the young people so that they can take ownership of it.

At Grove I want staff to feel they are valued, to feel that they are listened to and that their views count. I want to provide the opportunities for staff to continue to grow and develop and at Grove that continued professional development will look very different than at other schools. As an all-through school, we want to provide cross-phase experiences for staff that they cannot get anywhere else.

I want staff to feel proud of working at Grove and see that they are making a difference.

I welcome ideas as to how we can provide a brilliant offer for staff so if you currently work in a school please complete our survey of what makes a school a great place to work.

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