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Aims, Values, Ethos

Small school at heart

When full, Grove Academy will be a 1,940 place co-educational school, including a 200 place sixth form. It will be a large community but with a small school feeling at its heart.

The new permanent building will be designed to enable us to work together as one, but at the same time through careful planning and management and use of separate spaces and entrances, children at different ages can get on with their own learning without disruption.

Our special TLCs, Teaching and Learning Communities, approach means we will be able to create a friendly school where pupils are seen as individuals, not simply members of a large group. Our older pupils will be able to be good role models and mentors for our younger children. We will develop creative solutions by drawing on the ideas and inspiration of the whole school community.

Continuous provision

Grove Academy is the first all-through school to open up right from Reception in Slough. We are able to provide a continuous provision from the Reception to Post 16, underpinned by high-quality teaching and learning and a common assessment framework. That continuity ensures that we can avoid the dips in performance associated with transition from one school to another.

As one school we are able to teach subjects to our younger children via specialist subject teachers, such as modern foreign languages and PE. We can provide pastoral care for children in challenging circumstances by offering a ‘joined-up’ strategy and support families more consistently over a longer time.

A strong pastoral system that supports all of our children.

a unique opportunity to make significant changes to the continuity, progression and relevance of the curriculum

Department of Education and Skills

Unique learning community

We are developing teaching and learning by sharing expertise across phases and learning from the best practices in both primary and secondary education. We are working closely with local businesses to ensure that the curriculum provided enables pupils to gain the skills and expertise required by employers.

One set of values – shared by all

General ethos

This is central to our values. If children are to stay with us throughout their school life, Grove must provide:

  • happy memories
  • fun and enjoyment
  • a love of learning
  • a sense of community


Character and a real growth mindset is crucial to ensure our pupils:

  • develop self-confidence
  • reach their full potential
  • develop a sense of spirituality
  • have an understanding of their own well-being and good health


As members of different communities and teams we will focus on:

  • friendship
  • relationships and trust
  • teamwork and collaboration
  • global awareness and responsibility
  • cultural appreciation

Core skills

These drive our curriculum:

  • managing time and resources
  • communication/oracy
  • digital literacy
  • creativity and thinking skills
  • problem-solving
  • entrepreneurial


We have a mantra, “We can’t do that… yet!”  We learn from our mistakes and our children will develop the skills to ‘bounce back’ when things go wrong. We learn to:

  • deal with conflict
  • cope with disappointment
  • manage risk and uncertainty