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A place at Grove?

Ooooh! Got a place at Grove!

If you have got a place at Grove, congratulations! And here’s why….

We are so pleased that your child has been offered a place at Grove Academy. You will be joining us at the start of our fabulous learning journey. Grove Academy is going to be a unique school for Slough and this is why:

  • Expert backing – Grove Academy is the second school being opened by a new Education Trust that already has a fantastic track record and is led by the top secondary experts in town. The SASH Education Trust is run by the Slough Association of Secondary Headteachers (SASH) and is supported by the Headteachers of all Slough secondary schools. Their first school, Ditton Park Academy, is in its fifth year and is a popular over-subscribed school.
  • Experienced staff – I am an experienced Headteacher and have taught in Slough schools. I live in Slough and am passionate about the vision for this exciting all-through school. 
  • Exciting curriculum – The education model for this school is to develop knowledge and skills through project-based learning linked to strong enterprise initiatives so that pupils learn through real-life problems and scenarios. Not only does that make the learning fun but it also embeds that learning in relevant experiences. We will work with the business community so that our pupils leave with the skills that employers seek. Not only will pupils learn subject knowledge ready for exams, they will learn the skills of learning, develop good speaking skills so they can communicate clearly and learn how to present themselves in the best way to future employers.
  • Quality care – As an all-through school we will ensure that your child feels safe and happy and we will continue the great pastoral care that primaries can offer into the secondary phase.
  • Community hub – We see ourselves as a hub for the community, a place for learning for all and we will be developing ways to ensure that we support families as well as our pupils.
  • One school for your whole family – As an all-through school, we can offer a one-stop solution. We are currently accepting applications for places in Reception, Year 1, 2 and 3 for September 2017.
  • Long term – If you have younger children who come to Grove they will experience seamless education from Reception to Post 16. Once they have a place in the primary part of the school they will be guaranteed a place in the secondary part, because we are one school. The concerns that parents have when children move onto ‘big school’ will be gone because we will already know the children and will have developed good relationships with the family. The children will also have already met the secondary staff because most likely they will have already taught them for a subject in Year 5 or 6. One school means that staff can be used across the whole school. Years 6 and 7 will, in the long term, have a different experience than the rest of the school because we will be working through a slow transition from a primary style of teaching to a more secondary one. That means the pupils can focus on their learning and not on the anxiety that moving to a new school can bring.
  • Family involvement – As we grow and develop we want families to be real partners in the life of the school. We want you to join us at all stages in celebrating the learning of our pupils and see what they are doing and achieving. We will be sending you full details of various meetings coming up, including:
  • Parent/carer information evening
  • Pupil transition day
  • Uniform fitting/sales
  • Coffee mornings - I am sure that you have lots of questions so please do not hesitate to contact us via or 01753 517359

Once you have made your decision to accept the place offered at Grove Academy can you please inform us via email or phone. 

So once again welcome to Grove Academy. I hope you will join us on our fabulous learning journey.

Andrea Fricker