Years 7-11 Curriculum

Project-based learning

Going onto ‘big school’ can be daunting for Year 7s. We have a great opportunity to provide something different. Something that will not only excite our children and provide them with outstanding learning but will also support them emotionally and enable them to feel more at home in the new big school.

Grove Academy will be offering a unique curriculum in KS3 because we will be taking the best of both primary and secondary practice to ensure that all pupils have both access to specialist subject teaching as well experiencing a project approach that focuses on developing clear links to business and enterprise. As the pupils grow older it becomes even more important that they develop good learning skills, such as note-taking, revision and study skills alongside the normal literacy and numeracy skills. It is also crucial that they can see how the knowledge and skills they are learning in school can be applied to the world of work beyond school. By taking our project-based learning into Year 7 and beyond we can make those skills explicit.

We will provide our pupils with regular opportunities to work with local businesses and organisations so that they can apply those skills in real-life experiences. By making the learning relevant, real, fun and varied we will keep the, engaged with their learning and motivated to develop themselves. Through project-based learning, we can also ensure that the skills they learn in one subject are applied across different curriculum areas.

As the school expands and most of our children come from our primary classes we will be able to develop a seamless provision. In these early days of the school, we believe that transition for children joining the school from primary schools will be supported if we take the best practice from the primary sector and gradually introduce the more specialist, moving to different classes, approach of secondary. It will enable us to provide that extended pastoral care to those who need it and give more freedoms to those who are ready. At the same time, we want to provide you with the element of the regular contact with staff that you enjoyed at primary so that you feel valued as well.

High expectations - Critique and revision

A cornerstone of our curriculum is that of high expectations and critique and this will be further developed in KS3 and 4


The ability to communicate clearly and get your message across is a key skill in the world of work. We will be working to ensure that our pupils are trained and given regular opportunities to speak in public for a purpose. We want them to develop the confidence so they can speak with clarity, authority and confidence – all skills that will serve them well in later years.


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