The student population at Grove Academy comprises students from a range of linguistic, social and ethnic backgrounds. Over 58% of the total school population have English as an additional language .EAL provision is part of the school’s inclusive provision to ensure all students experience an enjoyable learning and teaching experience. Teaching staff are encouraged and supported by the EAL Coordinator in using effective planning and differentiation to ensure that personalised learning and teaching styles are employed to provide for all EAL students across the school.

The EAL department offers a variety of small group interventions to our KS3 and KS4 learners. Learners attending these interventions are withdrawn from their mainstream lessons for a specific purpose and specific period of time and work towards meeting their targets, for example to develop coherent arguments based on logical reasoning. There is an Extra Curricular EAL club after school to further support students. EAL is a growing need within our students and we are further developing the support we have on offer to them.