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Our knowledge-rich curriculum will inspire students to understand that Design and Technology is intrinsic in our lives and must not be something we take for granted. Our teaching and learning will inspire learners to draw on skills and knowledge acquired in Maths, Science and Art, helping them become innovative and enhance the world around them by creating solutions to real problems. We will ensure that students recognise that the products that we use every day have been meticulously designed to intuitively make even the most mundane tasks seem easy and comfortable, and that this doesn’t happen by accident. 


Our curriculum will ensure students comprehend and are able to utilise all aspects of the design process, both with their DT lessons, and in other curriculum areas. They will develop a true understanding of how to work from concept to completion; making analytical and justified use of research as they transform their initial thoughts into working three dimensional outcomes. They will become proficient in working safely with a wide range of tools, equipment and machinery, including CAD/CAM, whilst manipulating and combining various traditional and smart materials. In addition, they will expand their experience through a range of extracurricular visits and opportunities that will support our taught curriculum. We will inspire them to be our next generation of engineers, designers or craftsman who are interested in following a career path in engineering, design or nutrition.


Year 7

Within Design Technology, students will visit different focus areas of the subject across the year.

In each area pupils will undertake assignments in which they research, design, make and evaluate products using the relevant tools, equipment and materials.

Resistant Materials – CD or games rack 

Food Technology – Licence to Cook Part 1

Textiles – Soft Toy Monsters

Graphic Products – 3D design

Year 8

Within Design Technology, students will visit different focus areas of the subject across the year.

In each area students will undertake assignments in which they research, design, make and evaluate products using the relevant equipment, tools and materials.

Textiles – Bags

Food Technology – License to Cook Part 2

Graphic Products – Two point perspective

Resistant Materials – Matchstick Sports Trophy

Students develop skills of enquiry, communication, participation and responsible action, through their design and make assignments. They gather information, make choices and reflect on how technology affects society working co-operatively with a range of people. Students are given the opportunity to think and intervene creatively to improve the quality of life.


All students at Grove Academy study Design Technology at KS3.

They visit different focus areas every 9-10 weeks in Food, Graphics, Control Systems, Resistant Materials and Textiles. CAD/CAM is built into all areas but Food. Students work through the National Curriculum levels from Level 4-8.

It is assessed in six different areas

  • Exploring ideas and the task
  • Developing and modelling ideas
  • Generating ideas
  • Planning
  • Making high quality products
  • Evaluation


Design and Technology

Students can choose between Resistant Materials and Textiles Technology all from the AQA Design Technology suite of exams.

Each course covers the full range of 1 to 9 grades.

The Year 9 and 10 course covers a range of practical outcomes and the study of the theory behind these outcomes.  A mock exam tests knowledge before embarking on a design folder with accompanying practical work chosen from themes set by AQA.

At KS4 and 5 the students write keywords and their meaning and try to include them in their controlled assessments. Words are used to link sentences together and develop their literacy skills.