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Our knowledge-rich curriculum will inspire students to develop knowledge of the world around them through personal investigations into a broad range of traditional and contemporary artists, designers, craftspeople and cultures. They will develop their knowledge, understanding and skills of two and three dimensional materials through a wide range of creative, exciting and stimulating learning experiences. Our teaching and learning will ensure students are encouraged to look at artworks and the world around them, to consider why objects, artefacts and things we take for granted look the way they do; to appreciate that everything we use in life has been designed by someone with an artistic eye or artistic background.


Our curriculum will ensure all students achieve mastery whilst cultivating their artistic skills. They will become proficient in working safely with a wide range of equipment, including computer aided design and photography, whilst manipulating and combining various materials. They will also develop their investigative skills through critical analysis tasks and regular pieces of extended analytical writing. In addition, they will expand their experience through a range of extracurricular gallery and museums visits, as we help them mature into our future artists, designers and craftspeople of the future.

Year 7

Introducing the formal elements.

Students will analyse the artwork of a variety of artists and will learn how they effectively used colour theory.

Observational drawing is an integral component of art. Often, drawing is the core method of researching, investigating, developing and communicating ideas.

Colour is one of the fundamental elements of art.  It is important for art students to not only be exposed to colour theory, but to understand it. 

Year 8

Building on observational drawing skills and understanding the use of colour and pattern in more de

Year 9

Pupils in Year 9  will complete a diverse range of workshops centered around three projects (one per term).

GCSE students will have five lessons over the two week timetable and will build up an extensive skill-set working in media from sculpture to printmaking to textiles and fine art.

Term 1  - Natural Forms and Still life.

Term 2 – Everyday objects – Food and Drinks:  3D Sculpture project

Term 3 – Exploring other cultures.

Year 10/11 KS4 GCSE ART

Students will take an independent approach to their GCSE project and devise a topic to investigate.

In Year 10, students will begin their investigations looking at influences from a range of artists who are specific to the project theme, and then eventually link this to their own interests.  This theme will be explored and developed using a wide range of skills and techniques reflecting the style of both contemporary and historic artist links. The pupils will produce an exciting and original portfolio of work that reflects the four assessment objectives


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